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The Wheel of Destiny

Is it true that we are the result of our activities, or do the directs of fate control us? Do we get everything by exertion, or does destiny have an alternate story to tell? Read on.

PK Mahanandia, a craftsman from Delhi, was portraying representations of individuals for a humble expense. Along came Charlotte Von Schedvin, charmed by the cases of a man of honor with unsettled hair, and dim mustache, that he could portray in 10 minutes.

Flashback years prior: Little Mahanandia from Orissa, India, was told by his mom that he would wed a young lady from Royalty, from a faraway land, the holder of a melodic ear, and the proprietor of a backwoods. She would have a place with the Sun Sign Taurus.

Display Era 1975 A.D., New Delhi: Charlotte was not satisfied with the version of the picture. She returned multi day later, yet wasn’t fulfilled. Spur of the moment Mahanandia inquired as to whether she claimed a backwoods, and in the event that she was a Taurean. She answered in the agreed.

She had originated from Sweden to India along the Hippie trail of the 70’s, running crosswise over Turkey, Iran, and Afghanistan. She, alongside Mahanandia, went to the Sun Temple in Konark, which has the renowned monster stone wheel. Charlette shouted in astonish, that she had a comparative scaled down form of the wheel, back home in Sweden.

He guaranteed her that he would come to Sweden, however being a craftsman of unobtrusive means, he purchased a bike. From subsequently, began his excursion of adoration, on his bike, along the nonconformist trail over the different nations that Charlette crossed. He filled in as a craftsman drawing representations for individuals, who shared cash, nourishment, and safe house with him. Those days, in the 70’s, one didn’t require a visa to traverse a large number of these nations.

Afghanistan, a landlocked nation encompassed by mountains, was a peace-cherishing nation, with a preference for music, craftsmanship, and culture. He would navigate 70 kilometers (around 40 miles each day)on his bike till his legs hurt. He at long last achieved Germany, and from that point, took the prepare to achieve his goal in Sweden.

Charlotte helped him get over the social stun he encountered in Sweden, was acknowledged by her folks, and he wedded her, just for affection that adoration, according to him, had not lessened since 1975, when the now 64-year-old refined man got hitched to Charlotte. They have two youngsters; her piano keeps on playing the tune of endless love. They have their woodland; he keeps on portraying, and they live joyfully ever after.

So returning to the inquiry, would we say we are the result of our activities, or do the directs of predetermination control us? Perhaps both-Little Mahanandia being recounted his melodic Princess, the proprietor of a woods, and trusting it, Charlotte identifying with the scaled down variant stone wheel of the Sun Temple of Konark, as a major aspect of her gathering, and the meeting up of the two people in Delhi.

Be that as it may, without his activity of cycling crosswise over nations, would they have hitched? Who knows? Who can clarify the baffling? It was all only for affection.

The piano plays on; the woodland keeps on blasting into sprout; the representations transform into life, and the Wheel of Destiny weaves its woven artwork in the nation, neighboring what, they call, the place that is known for the Midnight Sun.